X-Wing, IA, Warhammer Underworlds, Necromunda 30th Jan?


Any one fancy a game of X-wing, IA, Underworlds or Necromunda on wednesday? Alternatively I’d be up for learning how to play Titanicus if anyone’s will to teach me the basics (I have the rules plus a few titans and knights but have yet to play)


Id be up for necromunda mate havent got the 2d boards so would be some terrian from the boxes ?


cool, sounds good, I could bring my boards with me but happy to play using club terrain.


Whichever you would prefer mate im happy with either


Jim, I can show you Titanicus?
How about Sunday at KG?


Thanks Fred that would be awesome. I think i’m going to a quiz this Sunday evening but coukd do next Sunday or earlier during the day.


What earlier Sunday at KG?


Yeah, basically need to be back in Exeter for 7pm but free the rest of the day.


Will you be opening up, or are they open anyway this Sunday?