X-wing on 17th?



Is anyone likely to be about for a game of x-wing next week?

I’ve only been once just before the Kirton regional before life got in the way but really need to get some more games in.




Hi Jon,

I will be around and don’t have any other plans yet so could certainly give you a game of X-Wing or two. Is it standard 100pt games you are interested in?


That would be great, I think a 100pt game is likely to be the best option while I’ve got the chance. Can hopefully get a couple games in before I have to run for the train back to Exmouth.


Great, I’ll see you then.:slight_smile:


Cool, are you likely to be getting there 6.30ish? I think my train back is somewhere around half 9 so gives a fair amount of time


Should be, I’m usually there between 6:00 and 6:15.


Super, I’ll try to get there a little earlier then