X-Wing on the 18th


Anyone up for X-Wing on the 18th?

I’ve been off the planet for a few weeks and I’ve realised I need some practise ahead on the Kirton Store Champs.

… although maybe “being off the planet” makes for good X-Wing practice in itself! :rofl:

Dopey One


Ideally early ish start as Jim can give me a cane after his Destiny demo :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Dopey,

I’m still hoping someone will respond to my post about playing Armada (as the Store Championship for it is next Saturday and I still don’t know what list I’m taking yet). However, assuming I don’t get a reply I’d be happy to give you a game or two of X-Wing instead as I’m going to the Store champs for that one too!

Will you be going to the warm-up even on the 22nd?


Nutz! Work has turded on me from a great height (to use a technical term)… I’m doubtful for Wednesday now. :poop: :frowning: :poop:


Bummer. :disappointed: Let me know if the situation improves.