X-wing on the 27th


Anyone fancy climbing into their orange jumpsuit for a couple games of x wing on Wednesday?
I have a mediocre, but fluffy, list I’ve been wanting to use since regionals if your interested.


Hi Simon, I haven’t played any X-Wing since the regionals and have signed up for Kirton’s store championship, so would love a couple of games. Not sure on list yet, but I got a Ghost recently that I have been tempted to try out (although if I do it won’t be the same list that’s been popping up in a lot of tournaments).

Should be there by 6:30 but will let you know if work changes that.:slightly_smiling_face:


Great, I’ll start working on my ‘anti Ghost list’ immediately then.
Not really, I’ve also signed up for the store championship and it’s going to be my only chance to use my 5 Tie fo list before 2nd edition.
Should be there for just after 6.30. See you Wednesday