X-wing on the 7th?


Anybody want to get a last couple practice games in before next weekend? I’ve done my traditional last minute list change and wouldn’t mind trying it out at least once, if anyone is interested.


Hi dude,

I’m potentially up for this (as I too could use more practise), but it’ll depend on how my costume is going for the weekend. May have to let you know tomorrow. Happy to stand down if you find another opponent.



Ok mate. Wouldn’t want a few practice games to get in the way of another kick ass costume! Speak tomorrow.


I’m hoping to make it this week but don’t know for certain if I can yet, but if I do I’ll definitely want some X-Wing practice if I can get it as my list has evolved again. Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm tomorrow night or maybe Wednesday morning if I’ll be around.


Cool. Hope you make it


I think I have to be realistic and pull out of this Wednesday … I’ve left myself a bit too much to do (both costume and otherwise).

Many apologies!


That costume had better be pretty damn awesome! No worries, see you at the comp mate


Hi Simon, I’ll be along for a bit tomorrow and could stay for at least one game if you are still interested.


Sure thing Johnathan. What sort of time you getting there?


Probably just after 6 if things go according to plan.


Cool. I’ll be there around 6.30