X-wing on the 7th


Looking for a few games of x-wing next Wednesday if anyone is interested? Think I should try at least a few of the variations of my list out again before the store championship


I’d be up for that. I had to bail last week so would be good to get a game this week


Cool, sounds good. I can be there from 7 and I’ll have a couple 100pt lists ready to be vaporised.


Cool, i’ll probably have to bail at about 9.15 to grab the train but should be able to get a game in, or maybe 2 quick ones depending how it goes


No worries. I’ll probably be able to get there for 6.45 so hopefully get a couple games in.


Thanks for the games yesterday.

For some reason realised at lunchtime today that Red Ace had an integrated astromech - he could have survived another round!


No way! I would have loved to see that little dustbin jettisoned in to space.

Really good games though, definitely could have both gone either way if the dice had been slightly different.

Let me know when you want to arrange a rematch.


Not surprised the amount of trouble he was causing. They were fun games though and those TIE SF’s are brutal especially that Quickdraw build.

Would definitely be up for a rematch. Am thinking may try to head over again this week for some practice before the store champs at the weekend.


I’ll see if I can make over as well then. Won’t know till tomorrow though, I’ll post when I do.


That’s cool, will be good if you can but if not i’ll put a shout out for an opponent.

I need to experiment with Poe builds


Doesn’t look like I’m going to make it tomorrow after all unfortunately. Would have liked a couple more practice games myself.
I liked your Red Ace build, an absolute nightmare for your opponent if he survives till the endgame.
Also, have you tried a website called Squadron Benchmark? You can make a squad using all available upgrades and fly it against a computer controlled list.
AI isn’t good but let’s you try out things and get an idea of how they will work.


No prob mate, hopefully see you on saturday. Red Ace is brutal at end game but I really prefer flying aces. I have tried the squadron benchmark a few times and it has its uses but the AI is hilarious - ‘I know what, i’ll fly my palpmobile right off the board’