X-Wing ships for sale - Rebel/Imperial/Scum


Following the announcement of X-Wing 2.0, I’m looking to streamline my collection a bit as I have WAAAYYYY more stuff than I’m ever likely to use!

red B-Wing from Rebel Aces pack - £5
T-65 X-Wing - £5

TIE Fighter - £5
TIE Punisher - £7
TIE Interceptor (still sealed) - £6

Most Wanted pack (still sealed) - £17
Hound’s Tooth pack (still sealed) - £17

All the ships that aren’t sealed come with stands, counters and most of the cards and base inserts. I’ll update this list if I find anything else I don’t need. Also, feel free to ask me if I have anything particular going spare, as I may be prepared to part with it.

I also have a bunch of alternate art upgrade and pilot cards. I’ll chuck one of these in for free with each ship bought if you want it.

Post below or PM me if you want anything from the list above. :smiley:


Just bumping this up to see if anyone is interested before I stick it on ebay. :slightly_smiling_face: