X-Wing ships for sale


I have a mostly complete Ghost (with Attack ship) plus a Decimator available for sale, just missing some of the upgrade cards.
I’ll probably be looking for approx. 2/3rds retail price for them. Let me know soon if you are interested.


Well I sold the Ghost and Decimator but I have an IG-2000 for sale if anyone is interested. The only upgrade cards it has are the title and bombs, but everything else is there and in perfect condition. Would be useful to anyone who is planning on running a pair of IG88’s and needs a second ship.


How much would you be looking for the IG-2000?


How does £15 sound to you?


I’ll have a think about it :slight_smile: You at the club tomorrow?




I have a couple more X-Wing ships for sale - two T-70 X-Wings both still in their packaging. Looking for £10 each if anyone wants one.