X-Wing Summer Campaign: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Kirton Games


In three weeks time we will be starting our Heroes of Aturi Cluster X-Wing Summer Campaign at Kirton Games Thursday 27th will squadron sign up evening (7pm), where we will run through how the campaign works, the AI mechanics and take you through your first mission.

To take part you will need to bring a T-65 X-wing or Rebel Y-Wing (or buy one from us), and you will be assigned a squadron number (this is not your call sign), you will be given starting XP that you can spend ahead of the first mission to purchase an astromec, missiles or a modification. You start as a PS2 pilot with 5XP for an X-wing an 8XP for a Y-Wing.

Sign will be the evening of the 27th July at 7pm. With the following placeholders for the campaign follow on:
Sortee 2 & 3 - Thursday 17th August
Sortee 4 & 5 - Thursday 14th September
Final Assault - Saturday 7th October.

This is a bit different from normal x-wing, and there no requirement to know the rules as it will all be explained.

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If anyone is interested this is kicking off tomorrow at 7pm at the shop, to take part you need either a T-65 X-Wing or Y-Wing, and you get 5XP starting to spend on upgrades in an X-Wing and 8XP in a Y-Wing.