You must unlearn what you have learned


Seismic X-Wing news!!! :open_mouth:


Just reading on it now and watching some content on YouTube,

Resistance and first order factions.

Kinda regretting the $150 I just spent last week on new ships. So I’m not gonna buy any more old stuff but use what I’ve got for the summer… and I’m thinking of not buy any more 1.0.

Totally feel for everyone with the conversion packs…

At least tie reaper & saws pack includes both 1.0 & 2.0.


I like a lot of the rules changes they are bringing in, but the article makes it sound like you can’t even build a squad without an app which I am not 'appy about.


Does Han shoot last in this version?


It’s actually hard to tell because of the troupe of CGI Gungan tumblers doing somersaults across the screen. Almost the only thing you can see clearly is Han’s thirst quenching ice cold glass of Pepsi Max. Maximum taste. Zero calories.:clinking_glasses:


Like the look of the new edition, but I feel sorry for those that have already invested heavily. Having to buy multiple conversion kits per faction is going to be a real pain in the wallet.


Since I only have a few ships per faction, I’m gonna just try to pick up the pieces I need from the secondary market as people sell off their spares.

I like the look of the new edition, the packaging is more eco friendly too (especially when i filled the recycling box up with my last delivery)…

it looks like they are going to package them like legion, where the cards etc are linked to the faction, rather than just needing to buy different items to get good cards…

i do actually enjoy being disconnected for a few hours when playing, but i can see why the app might be better in the long run…i notice a few members using apps for IA.


Yeah, that’s always been my gripe with FFG - I hate having to buy ships I’m never going to use just for the upgrade cards. I don’t they’re moving away from that model though - the upgrades they’ve shown in the preview don’t look like they’re tied to a particular faction (crackshot and marksmanship are both in the Imperial conversion kit and have Scum artwork on 'em)


Well I’ve finally got enough ships, plus upgrades, to recreate every space battle from the original trilogy. People said I was insane to buy that fourth Lamda shuttle but I did it anyway.
Now, what’s all this talk about ‘version 2.0’? Oh…




This might kill X-Wing for me. I’m not going to be able to afford to get the 3 upgrade kits and core boxset I need to continue playing it in 2nd edition with all the stuff I already have. Add the fact that a lot of the new upgrade cards will be in the new ship packs, which have had a price hike forcing players to buy the new ships in order to get cards that are useful in a competitive game.

I agrees that it looks like you need the app as well in order to build your lists. I bet that won’t be free.

Although in general I think a 2nd edition was needed the model doesn’t work well for existing players unless you have the cash to upgrade everything. For new players it’s a great, as it does offer a new entry point.

If I do get into 2nd edition I’ll have to do it as a complete reboot. Just buy everything from scratch again and shelve my 1st edition, as that seems like the cheaper option. I’d certainly only play with one faction.

I think it’s a wait and see come September but currently I think this will be the end of X-Wing for me.


@Jim_Albins I’ve seen a lot of discussion about people dropping out on reddit/facebook/forum , and I can see why, its a big cost either way… as 5 conversion packs would set people back $250 (with resistance and first order to follow)… that’s not a easy pill to swallow…and i’m annoyed at what i’ve brought, i can’t imagine what people who have been buying things for years must think

And i wonder how many people now are just going to stop buying 1.0 items because of this, with 4 months to go till the new one…


Yeah, it seems a bit odd that they’re still releasing Saw’s Rebels as a 1st edition set. You’ll only be able to use it for a few months at tournament level then it’s useless. At least it comes with 2nd edition stuff as well, but why even release a fix for the X-Wings when a new edition is coming out. Seems like a money grab, but it will be interesting to see how many of them we’ll sell now.


Yeah I saw the next two releases are forward compatible. Makes sense as I am gonna buy them, had they not been, I wouldn’t have got them now …


This thread on the FFG forums contains a large summary of information from the live stream by the designers. If all the information is correct, then it sounds a lot more promising:

It seems like there will be a web based squad builder as well as the app. If so, that will make it a lot easier for technologically backward people like me to participate. Still doesn’t have the immediacy and convenience of being able to just go through your card collection to quickly come up with or modify a list when your at the club, but it’s helpful. Yes you can use the Threat Levels, but I doubt any tournaments will be using that system, and hence people practicing for tournaments won’t want to either.

Supposedly, conversion kits will keep coming out with new waves, which may mean there is another way of getting hold of the upgrade cards than buying the ship packs. If so, I imagine they will be a lot smaller and cheaper than the main conversion kits. I also expect the First Order and Resistance conversion kits will be a lot cheaper than the Wave 1 kits, simply because there are only a few ships in each faction at present. The cost is an annoyance, as this was supposed to be a relatively cheap game to get into when I started (HAH!), but is still less than buying a new edition of 40k and codices for my main armies.

I will probably use this as reason to evaluate and reduce the size of my collection (I can’t see myself ever using 3 TIE Punishers, for example), so if anyone has anything specific they are after let me know. Unfortunately I don’t have any spare Lambdas, so can’t offer you a 5th one for your collection @HanSilo :grin:


It would have been a fine sight! Five of them lined up, cruising majestically across the battlefield. Just don’t ask them to turn around…

Seriously though, it does look a bit more hopeful. I guess we all just don’t want to be treated like idiots, pouring an unending stream of cash in to FF pockets. I think I’ll wait and see, before I burn my Emperor Palpatine, 4x autothrusters, 5x TLT etc etc…


I watched an interesting video with one of the games designers about 2nd edition. The threat level is meant to be for out of the box gamers. From what he was saying you choose a threat level then pick pilots that match it. I guess it’s a bit like power levels in 40K.

I think the other conversion kits will be for the epic ships, so that’s another cost to look out for.

I get the idea of them using an app, especially as a lot of people use squad building apps anyway, but it will be interesting to see how it works via the website. I presume it will let you print off your lists so you can have a physical copy for a tournament (Otherwise they’ll need a lot of chargers for everyones phones/ipads :slight_smile: ) Overall I do like the changes, it’s just the cost to make everything playable in my collection that’s putting me off. If I do invest i’m only going to stick to one faction (Rebels). With that in mind I’ll be selling off some of my scum stuff shortly (So if anyone is looking for a Slave 1, Jumpmaster or Bossks Party Bus let me know :slight_smile: )


I haven’t bought that much into X-Wing 1.0, so if you guys are paring down your collections, let me know.

Reading another summary I’m still not sure how the upgrades thing works - the thread that Jon linked mentioned that the conversion kits will have the same upgrades in them, removing the need for cross-faction purchases, so that’d be a big plus!


Yes, future state of upgrades is still a bit unclear, as are some other aspects. Still 4 months till release of 2.0 so hopefully this will all be clarified before then.

Definitely looking to reduce the size of my collection as even without the new edition coming I have way more stuff than I need. Feel free to ask me at club or message me if there is something you are after.:slightly_smiling_face:


Just woke up in pools of cold sweat after realising that from Wave 2 onwards, there’ll be new cards in all the sets… Always in motion is the future…